Local Fitness Classes & Personal Training for the Ledyard, CT Community

There are many different parks to hike and explore in Ledyard, CT and the surrounding towns. However, with frequent exercise comes an increase in the possibility of injury. Exercising regularly creates more opportunities to fall or trip over something because of all the walking and running. 


At GOAT Physical Therapy And Wellness, we take recovery and staying healthy very seriously, which is why we have created a space to do both. Our fitness classes and personal training are run by physical therapists who understand the importance of building strength throughout the recovery process. 


Contact Our Physical Therapists to Sign Up for Fitness Classes or Personal Training!

Our physical therapists want to help you achieve your goals through strength training and other exercises to stay active. We offer fitness classes for beginners and those who have a little bit of experience working out. Stop in for a fitness class if you live in Ledyard, CT or the surrounding communities. We hope to see you soon!